The Ceda-Tex Services, Inc. has been working on school district and government agency projects since 1998. It is now harnessing its experience to move further into handling more Highway Construction related projects.  This will include work at Airports, Transportation Authorities, Roads and Bridges.

Ceda-Tex Services, Inc. is able to handle projects that relate to:
  • Excavation / Site work for Pavements.
  • Concrete
  • ADA Improvements.
  • Building, Office, and Classroom additions.

Welcome to The Ceda-Tex Services, Inc!

Welcome to our new website ... The Ceda-Tex Services ensures your success through proven project management processes. Our company manages all construction activities from mobilization to occupancy. Our team ensures that the construction of every project we build is completed smoothly. Our company has been serving Texas since 1998.